We select the best raw materials to create long-lasting and efficient products. Whether it’s the raw elegance of the Tradition line, the pastels of the Vintage line or the designer touch of the Mr & Mrs Clynk line, these household tools have become real elements of interior decoration.

A natural elegance, timeless and streamlined, with the authentic style already used for domestic brooms at the beginning of the 20th century.

The « Tradition » line is caracterised by the materials used.

The frames and handles are made of varnished beechwood, with a mix of natural and synthetic black fibres. 

andree jardin tradition

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Dusters – Swabs

Andrée Jardin is launching its first range of dusters, to add a touch of glamour to everyday household tasks. Keep your house beautiful while enjoying a beautiful object.


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We take extra care in choosing our materials, we want them to be long lasting and efficient. Our dusters sweep away dust from your surfaces thanks to genuine ostrich feathers from South Africa used for three sized models, and grey goat hair used in the two swabs and the ceiling brush.




Mr & Mrs Clynk

Mr & Mrs Clynk, an architect and a textile designer, work together to create home accessories.

Together they design items for your home. They have created for Andrée Jardin an eponymous line based on our know-how and our values. The result deserves to be shown off and not hidden in the closet or laundry room.

« We started out with atmospheres and personalities quite far from the housewife.  On our moodboard there were photos of old collector cars and masculine materials like leather.  We wanted to create a timelessly chic object, which we don’t get tired of, and most importantly, which brings us pleasure daily.  

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Vintage 1950

With the 1950s vintage line, you no longer need to hide your broom ! Let your brushes out of the closet, they have become a true decoration accessory. The beechwood is dyed in typical pastel colours from the modern post-war era : blue, grey, pink, and green.